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Sukow's Superiors

Specializing in MI Datolite, Lake Superior & Plume Agate


"Beach Agate"

It's from a small beach (10 m x 2.5 m) on the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan. The distinctive husk and hemispherical mounds meeting the husk at 90 degrees helped shape my ideas about nodular agate formation. The small black bullet is tenorite or tenorite covered copper. The green hues are from varying densitiesiof pumpellyite needles.

The Christmas Agate

Local collectors, from Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula, have named these rare shades of red and shades of green the Christmas Agates. It's 32 mm x 16mm.

Copper Country Agate

From a beach near Five-Mile Point on the Keweenw Peninsula comes this 8 cm treasure. Since it wasn't pounded and ground by glaciers it doesn't have the usual fractures associated with Lake Supeerior Agate. TYhe greenish and blackish areas on the left are probably chlorite, epidote and pumpellyite inclusions.


Two and half pounds of what is commonly called "tube agate" from the glacial tills near New Richmond, WI. It was found in te early 1970s. It's a core specimen in my collection.

Lake Superior Eye Agate

The "eye's are the bottom view of hemispherical mounds of sphereulitic chalcedony that protrue into the agate. Eyes are quite common in Lake Superior agate and are probably related to a "triggering event" at the onset of agate formation. .

Copper & Blue

Blue is an unusual color in Lake Superior agate. In this close-up photo the tiny native copper crystals near the center make this a collectors agate. The agate was found in the glacial tills of Wisconsin.

Needles...or acicular crystals in agate.

Thes needle-like crystals appear to be rutile. It is unusual to see such a 360 degree spray of them. A lucky choice of which surface to grind helped. The zoned colors give insight into conditions present during the crystals' rowth.